Alois Mbutura

Alois is an electrical engineer specializing in hardware and system integration. He has previously worked at cryptocurrency firm Bitsoko limited, pushing the limits of hardware and it’s [...]

AFD/DFID Green Minigrid Programme In Kenya

Supporting the French Development Agency (AFD) and DFID (UK Department for International Development) design a £30 million facility to provide capital and technical assistance to non-state actors [...]

Clara Kamau

Clara Kamau Clara is a mechatronic engineer who has varied experience and interest in design, prototyping and development of robotic systems. She has worked with Robomaker Limited, Bamburi Cement [...]

Technical Review for Geothermal NAMA

Providing technical support in the design of a €14 million NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) for accelerated geothermal electricity development in Kenya. The NAMA support sought to [...]

Renewable Energy Strategy Development and Program Implementation Recommendations

Collaborating with the African Wildlife Foundation to develop an advisory document that provided guidance to the organization’s strategic approach to renewable and clean energy initiatives. AWF [...]

Evaluation of Solar Powered Water supply Systems in Somalia

Evaluation of the efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of the solar powered water supply systems to the local context in the South-Central, North-West and North-East zones of Somalia and [...]

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