An estimated one-half of the world’s population still lacks clean cooking and heating options and almost one-quarter do not have access to grid based electricity.
It is projected that the annual global water requirements will exceed current sustainable water supplies by 2030.
The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeded the 400 parts per million threshold in 2013. Without drastic and urgent action, it seems likely that the earth will experience a temperature rise of up to 5 degrees C by 2100.
At EED, we believe in the power of demonstration. We provide business incubation and business acceleration services for start-ups in clean technology.

About us

EED Advisory Limited (EED) is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm with service offerings in energy, water and climate change. Services offered include research, training and capacity development, monitoring and evaluation, project/program design, feasibility studies and commercial project development.


The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)


Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA)


Association of Energy Professionals of East Africa (AEPEA)



AFD/DFID Green Minigrid Programme In Kenya

Supporting the French Development Agency (AFD) and DFID (UK Department for International Development) design a £30 million facility to provide capital and technical assistance to non-state actors advancing off-grid energy solutions. The facility will promote rural electrification in Kenya by promoting investments in green mini-grids.

Technical Review for Geothermal NAMA

Providing technical support in the design of a €14 million NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) for accelerated geothermal electricity development in Kenya. The NAMA support sought to promote private sector participation in early stage geothermal development activities.

Renewable Energy Strategy Development and Program Implementation Recommendations

Collaborating with the African Wildlife Foundation to develop an advisory document that provided guidance to the organization’s strategic approach to renewable and clean energy initiatives. AWF leads conservation efforts across 18 African countries.

Evaluation of Solar Powered Water supply Systems in Somalia

Evaluation of the efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of the solar powered water supply systems to the local context in the South-Central, North-West and North-East zones of Somalia and assessing the progress towards achievement of sustainable community water supply through these systems.

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