An estimated 3 billion people still lack clean cooking and heating options and almost one billion do not have access to grid-based electricity. Energy lies at the heart of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Ensuring sustainable energy access is critical in delivering not only SDG #7, but all the SDGs.

At EED, sustainable energy goes beyond renewable energy solutions. We take a holistic approach that balances environmental concerns with socio-economic realities and commercial opportunities. We work with private companies, non-government agencies, governments, research institutions and community groups to optimize energy solutions.



It is projected that the annual global water requirements will exceed current sustainable water supplies by 2030. Sustainable supply of water has to contend with numerous challenges including declining water resources, pollution of water sources, rapid urbanization, increasing population pressure and the effects of global climate change. EED takes a nexus approach (water-energy-climate change) in understanding and addressing these challenges. We advise on water technology options, service delivery models, access to finance including performance-based contracting, result-based financing and strategic private-public partnerships


The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeded the 400 parts per million threshold in 2013. Without drastic and urgent action, it is likely that the earth will experience a temperature rise of up to 5 degrees C by 2100. These numbers mean little to nothing among pastoralists and small-scale farmer groups who are already experiencing rapid changes driven by climate variability as well as other confounding factors.

We support our clients and beneficiaries to avert, as well as prepare for, impending threats of climate change while utilizing various support options. We work on both climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies for building climate resilient institutions and communities.

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