• Alois Mbutura
      Alois MbuturaANALYST

      Alois is an electrical engineer with experience and interest in embedded systems and radio frequency design for the internet of things (IoT). Prior to joining EED Advisory, he worked as the lead engineer at Bitsoko limited – a decentralized merchant service provider using blockchain technology, where he designed and built varied solutions for SMEs leveraging cryptocurrency options and the blockchain. At EED Advisory, his current role includes the design and deployment of low power remote sensing and analytics solutions based on Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). Alois is a member of Fablab Nairobi, MIT D-LAB’s International Development Innovation Network (US), CERN’s THE Port association (Switzerland). He holds a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Nairobi (Kenya).

    • Beryl Ajwang’
        Beryl Ajwang’ASSOCIATE MANAGER

        Beryl is an environmental engineer with practical experience in bio-energy systems design. She led the concept development of a biogas plant operated with feedstock from fish processing waste along the shores of Lake Victoria. This plant was to solve the twin problems of waste management and energy deficiency. Beryl has worked with the Kenya Bureau of Statistics and the Pan Africa Research services providing data and intelligence management services. She currently supports the provision of energy management solutions for large energy users, development of waste to energy (W2E) projects and capacity development of clients in various topics including energy efficiency, climate change and energy policy. She holds a BSc in Environmental and Bio-systems Engineering from the University of Nairobi (Kenya) and a Masters in Environmental Management from Yale University (USA).

      • Bianca Gichangi
          Bianca GichangiASSOCIATE MANAGER

          Bianca has experience in climate change and low carbon development. Previously at the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), she was involved in the entire Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project cycle including monitoring and successful verification of large scale geothermal and hydro CDM Projects. She contributed towards the implementation of water and education community benefit projects financed partly from the sale of carbon credits from these verified projects. Her expertise also extends to greenhouse gas accounting, climate and renewable energy finance, carbon markets and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA). She holds a Masters in Climate Change and Policy from University of Sussex (UK), and a BEng in Environmental Engineering from University of New South Wales (Australia).

        • Brian Kinuthia
            Brian KinuthiaSENIOR ASSOCIATE MANAGER

            Brian is a mechanical engineer with a keen interest in smart energy management systems development. He has provided energy services for various clients including the design of a carbon dioxide (R-744) based cool-room refrigeration systems for Coca-Cola (Rift Valley bottlers), installation of electro-static precipitator for East African Portland Cement Company, maintenance of the boilers and cold-rooms for Sarova Stanley Hotel among others. He currently supports the development of smart-energy monitoring systems for large energy users, provides intelligence on innovative energy efficiency enhancers and assists in the implementation of long-term energy management contracts. Brian holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya).

          • Catherine Abisaki
              Catherine AbisakiADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER

              Catherine manages all administrative tasks at EED including record keeping, resource allocation, operations reporting, coordination of meetings, development and oversight of office processes, petty cash management and reconciliation, among others. She is conversant with several business operation software such as Replicon©, a cloud-based time tracking application that allows for optimized client billing. Before joining EED, she worked as an Assistant Accountant for University of Washington – Global Assistance Program (UW- GAP) Kenya. She has also worked as a lead verifier for the World Bank National Household Survey, an EED-implemented project. Catherine is a continuing student at Strathmore University pursuing Certified Public Accounts Part 3.

            • Clara Kamau
                Clara KamauANALYST

                Clara is a mechatronic engineer who has varied experience and interest in design, prototyping and development of robotic systems. She has worked with Robomaker Limited, Bamburi Cement and Com21 Limited. She also has practical experience in project management having managed the deployment of digital learning equipment to over 4,000 primary schools across 10 counties in Kenya under the presidential digital literacy program. Clara is a co-founder of Kids Comp Camp – which is an organization that seeks to spread digital literacy in marginalized areas. She describes herself as having a public-sector heart and a private sector mind and is currently delivering projects spanning both sectors. Clara holds a BSc degree in Mechatronic Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya).

              • EDITH ALUSA

                  Edith has a wealth of experience in natural resource management, environmental policy planning, environmental assessments and carbon asset management. She is a seasoned consultant and has held senior management positions at Camco Clean Energy, NIRAS consulting and the Ecotourism Society of Kenya. Edith is a pioneer in environmental policy planning for private sector agro-processors having managed the environment portfolio for a large horticultural organization with over 10,000 employees. She is a Chevening Scholar, holds a BA in Geography from Baraton University (Kenya), a Masters in Water and Environmental Management from Loughborough University (UK) and is trained in applied environmental economics at the Imperial College London (UK)

                • Elizabeth Ngala
                    Elizabeth NgalaFINANCE MANAGER

                    Elizabeth Ngala is a Certified Public Accountant with over 10 years of experience in Financial Management, Accounting and Auditing. Elizabeth is the Finance Manager at EED Advisory. Her role comprises of the management of all financial processes including the collection, analysis and interpretation of financial data to provide strategic recommendations on the best business practices to be employed; procurement management; financial contract management; banking and cash flow management; business tax computations and legal compliance oversight; financial risk analysis on cash flow and cash constraints among others. Elizabeth is detail oriented and has a strong understanding of financial and legal principles as they relate to business operations. Prior to her current role as a financial consultant, Elizabeth was Head of Finance at Horizon Africa Capital Limited and a Senior Legal Accountant at Anjarwalla & Khanna Advocates (Africa Legal Network) where her role in the company grew from that of a Legal Accountant and Assistant Accountant. Elizabeth obtained her professional accounting qualification (CPA) from Strathmore University.

                  • Ida Githu
                      Ida GithuSENIOR ASSOCIATE MANAGER

                      Ida Githu is interested in equitable management and development of water resources with experience in implementing water access projects. She has been a Project Coordinator at the Global Environment and Technology Foundation, Arlington (VA, USA), working on projects such as Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx), an initiative that aims at streamlining water point mapping and data sharing globally and Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) which is a Coca-Cola Africa Foundation funded project that aims at improving access to clean water in Africa. Ida has also been involved in evaluation of the effectiveness and economic sustainability of using privately operated water kiosk networks to serve the urban poor, an exercise that involved water quality testing, administration and analysis of surveys and economic analysis. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University (USA), a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Meredith College (USA) and a Master of Science in Water Science, Policy and Management from University of Oxford (UK).

                    • June Samo
                        June SamoANALYST

                        June is a Water Engineer by profession and is interested in the enhancement of water supply coverage across Kenya and other developing countries. She has worked in programs targeting the improvement of water utilities and was part of a team addressing non-revenue water management and financial viability for 10 water service providers in Kenya. She was also part of a consulting team involved in a ‘Water Sector Reform Program’ under the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and WaSReB. The program involved the review and revision of Kenya Water Utility boundaries. June provided expertise in data collection and development of map products and spatial databases for 40 utilities. June has practical experience in Geographical Information Systems and is an advanced user of ESRI ARC GIS. She holds a BSc. Degree in Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) and is a member of the International Water Association.

                      • Kevin Wafula
                          Kevin WafulaSENIOR ANALYST

                          Kevin is an electrical engineer with practical experience in renewable energy systems design and project management support. Before joining EED, he worked as the co-founder of Wake Energy Limited – a company that designs solar based public lighting products and services and was incubated at the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre. He has also worked in the technical department of Plexus Energy, assisting in design, installation and maintenance of power backup solutions, solar water heaters and solar PV systems. He is committed to advancing access to modern and affordable energy through innovative enterprise based solutions. He holds a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Nairobi (Kenya).

                        • Martin Kitetu
                            Martin KitetuSENIOR ANALYST

                            Martin is a mechatronics engineer with diverse experience in the manufacturing, aviation and petroleum industry in Kenya. Martin has offered engineering design consultancy services as a partner at OneTron Limited and has worked as a mechatronic engineer in Spin Knit Limited. He has also had training in Energy Auditing and Management offered by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) with facilitation by Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). He is currently designing smart solutions to enhance energy access in rural Kenya with Bridge Electric Limited, a subsidiary of EED Advisory Limited. This involves the technical design of the product offering and development of support systems. He has a diverse knowledge of the energy and environment sector landscape including the policy framework. He holds a BSc. Mechatronic Engineering specializing in control engineering and robotics from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya), he is also a registered Environmental Impact Assessor with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA).

                          • Michael Mwangi
                              Michael MwangiANALYST

                              Michael Mwangi is an analyst at EED advisory. He has practical experience in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene sector, Spatial planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Before joining EED, Michael worked for Geospatial Research International as a GIS and Remote Sensing consultant under the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) /WaSReB; ‘Water Sector Reform Program’. As a consultant, Michael was involved in field data collection and the analysis of the state of water and sewerage services provision in the country. He has also been involved in the development of a community participative urban neighborhood plan in Kibera’s Makina area under Umande Trust. Michael brings in a wealth of knowledge in planning for public utilities especially in informal settlements. He is an advanced ArcGIS user with proven skills in GIS data collection and desktop analysis. Michael holds a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Planning and Management from Kenyatta University and is a practicing environmental impact assessment associate expert registered by NEMA Kenya.

                            • Murefu Barasa
                                Murefu BarasaMANAGING PARTNER

                                Murefu is an experienced renewable energy consultant having completed assignments for various clients spanning both the public and private sector. These include the World Bank Group, UN agencies, Government of Kenya (Ministry of Energy), Government of Tanzania (Ministry of Energy and Minerals), Government of Rwanda (Ministry of Infrastructure), British American Tobacco among others. He was the operations manager at Camco Clean Energy and has worked for the African Development Bank (Tunis) and Practical Action (Nairobi). He is also an active participant in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations and has a wealth of knowledge on climate finance, clean development mechanism (CDM), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) and carbon accounting. Murefu holds a BSc in Environmental Studies from Kenyatta University (Kenya) and a Masters in Environmental Science from Yale University (USA). He is the Managing Partner at EED.

                              • Njeri Kara
                                  Njeri KaraASSOCIATE MANAGER

                                  Njeri Kara is an electrical and electronics engineer with an interest in energy systems. She has had training in solar system design and installation from Strathmore Energy Research Center (SERC) and Power Technics and has worked in a team to deploy a solar system at Kasiluni primary school in Kitui County. Njeri has also worked on a project on the design of solar energy solution and payback scheme for households in Kenya, which she presented in the proceedings of the 2015 Sustainable Research and Innovation (SRI) Conference, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, May 2015, ISSN: 2079-6226. Njeri has previous work experience from Safaricom Limited, the Kenya Pipeline Company, Kenya Power Limited and the start-up BRCK. Njeri holds a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Management at Duke University (USA).

                                • Ruth Gichuhi
                                    Ruth GichuhiANALYST

                                    Ruth is trained in Sustainable Environmental Management. Before joining EED Advisory, she worked with Indigenous Information Networks (IIN), a firm involved in implementing projects seeking to improve community resilience to the impacts of climate change in the ASAL areas in Kenya. Here, she was involved in household survey work in Northern Kenya and participated in hosting the African Training Workshop on Community Protocols, Indicators on Traditional Knowledge and Customary Sustainable Use of Biodiversity under the UNEP Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Ruth has also worked with Kenya Water Towers Agency and Kenya Meteorological Department. She holds a degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University and a Masters degree in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Greenwich UK.

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